Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January - Books That Took Me There! In a good way...

Hello all,

My, my how time flies. It's 22 days into the new year and I haven't managed one blog post. I was just joking with a writerly friend of mine, Sage Spelling, about needing a publicist. I'm sure she wouldn't put up with me, as most can't when it comes to timelines. But, alas, what can I say? I gotta be me, right?

I didn't really pop in to talk about my aversion to keeping up my blog. I had something a bit more fun in mind. Let's talk about books!
The first book I read this year, in its entirety was Vanilla on Top by C.J. Ellison. Now, there is a rich guy and also a girl trying to overcome some of her shyness, well, more like her 'doormat' mentality. Boy meets girl, girl becomes more dominant - in more ways than one - and they live happily ever after. You would think that would be it, right? Well, on the way to the happily ever after there was  so much that the heroine discovered about herself. She didn't forsake her friends to do it either. Loved this book.

This next book wasn't released this month, but I just made my way to it on my TBR pile. Le sigh. Anyway, I digress. I loved A Convenient Bride, by Cheryl Ann Smith. It was strong enough to evoke feelings from the readers, and that's always great.

Finally, I read Ti Amo. It was a multicultural read and the sex scenes were exquisite. I strongly encourage you to head over to an eBook publisher and find it. The author is Sienna Mynx. Awesome writing.

Well, I hope this is enough to get you started towards your 2013 reading goals.

Until next time, NaNu NaNu!

Take care!