Thursday, November 15, 2012

NaNoWriMo: An Exercise in Endurance. . . and Insanity

At this very moment, there are a few hundred thousand (I'm guessing. There is nothing scientific in that number.) are sitting on our beds, in our living rooms, at a cool steel table in a local greasy spoon and writing our hearts out. For the month of November has been dubbed the month of crazy, or National Novel Writing Month. It's a time when so many of us attempt to get 50,000 words on paper.

It may not be coherent or logical and in some cases, is a serious of multiple stories. But the point is to sit your butt down and to get your fingers on those keys.
I've only made it once. When I did, I was elated and couldn't stop talking about it. It was similar to the feeling that runners get when they finish a marathon - I would imagine, since I've only been on binge eating marathons before. :-)

For the next 15 days (we should have about 25,000 words on paper so far - I only have 15,000), I will scramble for my life to catch up, by any means necessary. I may miss the Twilight opening, I may not clean my house for several more days, but I vow to kick NaNoWriMo's ass once more this month.

Wish me luck! And it's perfectly fine to call me a crazy ass for taking a fool's mission! And to all you other NaNo-ers

In case you want to know more, take a look at their site or review on Twitter with hashtag #NaNoWriMo!

 Oh, and I have a short story coming out this month! A SoulMate for Christmas is an anthology featuring 5 (including me) wonderful authors from Soul Mate Publishing.

Stay tuned for the buy link and our Blog Tour to celebrate the release. I'm excited and I hope you are too.

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