Monday, June 18, 2012

Prologue - Zombie Gunner

As you may be aware, this much we participate in JuNoWriMo (June Novel Writing Month).  I have created a mountainous pile of work, some good, some bad and some maybe worse than bad.  In my fervor to complete 50,000 words this month, one particular story stuck.  And today, I decided that I should share with you all a select portion of my WIP.  It's interesting, since I never get the opportunity to write paranormal romance, and have never even attempted urban fantasy in this way before. 
In this post, you will find the start, the prologue actually, of Zombie Gunner (working title) and I sincerely hope that you love it as much as I do.  But, even if you don't be sure to tell me why. I believe that the best way to grow is to solicit the advice of the community.

And without further delay, meet Mena Blakely - Zombie Gunner.

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.


Congressional Hearings
Washington, D.C.
March 2012

            In an effort to save humanity from death and destruction, I, Mena Blakely, make it a personal mission to slay the diabolical zombie, eradicating them from existence.

            My name is Mena Blakely and I am here today to give you a warning…

            Fuck that shit. I am Mena Blakely. Whether you want to believe it or not, whether you take heed to my warning or if you simply file this in the shitter, there are zombies out there. I fucking kill them. You may not want to think about it, but they are out there - among us. Some of them are our next door neighbors. We go to school with them. We eat, work and play with them.  They are here. They will kill you.

That was the speech from two years ago at the Congressional Hearings.  It was on the rampant, murderous killing spree that had taken place in the small town of Settlers, Missouri, where it was presumed that my father killed over half the town after they were exposed to the mutagen virus that he created, unknowingly of course, called Teron VI. The year that I went from being a waitress at the local pizza restaurant to the angry, nail biting, fuchsia haired murderer that you see before you. 

Back then, the zombies were dumb. They posed as normal and then when they gained access to a poor, unsuspecting person in the elevator, they would pounce.  These days, they are calculating. They know how to camouflage themselves, how to blend in and how to harvest humans.

In those two years after I was laughed off Capital Hill, I became the leader of a government operative team called Hub Z.  There are just four of us. We don’t answer to calls from the White House or the POTUS. We don’t really answer to anyone. I prefer it that way. 

You may wonder how I was the first to find out about zombies. Well, technically my father was the first to find out. He was trying to cure cancer.  He ended up creating one. The one that killed him.

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