Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ex-Husbands - The Things They Leave Behind

Hello Everyone!

I don't think I had an opportunity to share that I am a divorcee.  No, no. Don't be sad for me.  I happily traded him in for a new, happier life.  With that being said, there were a few things that he left with me that make it all worth it.  The first are my children.  They are darling and I wouldn't trade them for a million golden coins.

The next is, well, slightly more intangible.  It was a deep appreciation for the God of Thunder! Thor and his world became a part of mine. Everything from comic books to collectibles, I have been hooked for the last decade on this gentle giant, who at times can be a bit naive.

As with any of my heroes, I worry about the on-screen translation of this literary masterpiece. Ahem... masterfully conceived, that is.  Who would play him? How would this person manage to become the God, and godly mannerisms, of all that is Thor?

Well, hells bells! Hollywood responded with Chris Hemsworth. Oh ho ho! No problem there.
And who would be the the Heimdall - Guardian of the Worlds?? 
Are you serious? I almost passed out with the vapors! Blame my southern genes.

Anyway, this post is not merely about my fascination with the cast of Thor. It is about, more importantly, the upcoming release of Thor 2!  I am sure that you all know by know that it is coming out November 8, 2013. 

When I heard, I had a billion questions. Would Natalie Portman return? Will I see Idris and Chris onscreen, together, again? As much as my heart desires, YES! It shall be!
I am happy to inform you that all the faves from Thor will return, at least according to the authority, IMDB.  I'm not sure why we needed to see Chris Hemsworth with his shirt off for this post, but let's just see if it helps to peek at all that again...

Ummm... that answers that! At least it helped me.

In closing, there are too many months between now and the Thor 2 release.  I am just content in knowing that one day, we (Chris and Idris and I) shall be together in cinematic bliss once again.  Until then, scroll back up and take a look a that swimsuit!

And to my ex-husband, Thanks for Everything!



  1. *drools* I read up until the manly pectorals appeared ;)
    lol j/k
    I hope Natalie is in it again. I <3 her so much.

  2. She is signed on. I'm not sure how much she will be in there, but she shows on IMDB as a part of the cast. Fingers crossed. She was awesome as Jane, and is a wonderful actress.
    As for Chris, he doesn't even need a speaking part. Just him, a bottle of Voss water and those swimming trunks! LOL